Custom web development is going to cost you in the long run

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Your website is one of your business’s most important assets – it creates a sense of professionalism and credibility within your industry and to your clients, it plays a big part in your marketing strategy, and if managed correctly, can be a large source of revenue. So with all of this in mind, if you’re a small business on a small budget, how can you best maximise your web presence for a fraction of the cost?

At BaseHost, our philosophy is simple – we build great looking websites with complete functionality, perfect for small businesses on a small budget, all while having the ability to scale alongside your business.

BaseHost was born with small businesses in mind, understanding that our clients aren’t always going to have a huge budget, and shouldn’t be penalised for it. We create the majority of our websites using pre-built templates, integrating user and design features based on each client’s specific needs. Our process cuts down on development time and costs, allowing your business to get online faster, for only a fraction of the price of a custom build, without compromising on design or functionality.

Don’t get us wrong – there is absolutely a place for custom websites, but when it comes to small businesses (or smaller budgets), it’s just not practical. You’ll often be promised the world, but very rarely is it ever delivered.

Deadlines will be pushed frequently, and as a result, those unique and exciting customer features will often fall by the wayside, forcing you to invest more time and money that you hadn’t accounted for. Once that’s all said and done, your site is up and running, but the ongoing maintenance required for these builds quickly adds up – from ongoing maintenance costs (as a result of custom-coded plugins or extensions), poor search engine performance (which can damage your business’s marketing endeavours) and security flaws (as a result of delayed CMS updates/plugins), you’re going to become reliant on these developers to move your business forward. Something we strongly advise against.

The web development space can be tricky – it’s not easily understood by those without an interest in IT or development, and as a result, you’re conditioned to believe that you need all the bells and whistles to get your site up and running, even if you don’t require the functionality. This isn’t the case, but most web agencies will tell you otherwise.

Our clients who have experienced custom builds in the past are regularly impressed by our ability to build and launch a site while staying on-budget, and delivering in the promised timeframe. We understand our client’s needs, we understand their budget, and we make it work accordingly.

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