3 Unique Digital Design Trends of 2020 You Must Know About

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As the digital design evolved over the years, different trends that changed the way designers perceive web design have surfaced. When fresh ideas get discovered, new and interesting design solutions can be applied to turn a website into something unique.

This year, many design ideas are becoming increasingly popular. As these techniques start to pave the way for modern web design, it could also start to seem convoluted for the rookie designer to decide which trends are effective. With that in mind, here are some of the design trends of 2020 that are increasing in popularity:

eCommerce Design

Without a doubt, the eCommerce industry has seen a major boost this year due to the pandemic. While the use of eCommerce platforms and design has existed for many years now, more people are starting to understand its appeal.

The eCommerce format focuses on the user experience. The main goal is to attract customers by giving them refreshing visuals and a seamless interface. This design layout puts emphasis on speed, usability, and simplicity. When customers find what they’re looking for easily, the more that they’ll appreciate the designer’s creative direction.

Oversized Types and Elements 

Oversized types and elements are specially implemented when the designer wants to share information with users easily. One advantage of using an oversized design is that it can be applied to different forms, such as headlines, multimedia like images or videos, menu dropdowns, and more.

With the use of large elements, designers can attract users and catch their attention to help them browse through the website with ease. Another advantage is that they’re compatible with any screen resolution. Whether users are browsing the website through a phone or desktop, they won’t encounter any issues.

Adaptive Design and Push Notifications

Speaking of device compatibility, it’s easily the best feature of a website when it’s mobile-friendly. Having an adaptive design will significantly help with user accessibility. Mobile access proves to be a powerful trend, and it will surely stay on top for many years to come. As users are now using mobile devices more frequently to browse the web, optimising for mobile can surely bring out the potential of a website. The large user market of the mobile industry is surely an enticing market that designers should take advantage of.

Push notifications, on the other hand, is something preferential. While most users don’t mind the integration of push notifications, some prefer to turn it off, especially if they find the notification irrelevant.

As such, integrating push notifications to your website structure should be reviewed from all angles. However, when done right, push notifications can easily bring more customers to your website or app. By giving them useful information through notifications, it’s highly likely that you’ll attract more people to give your site a visit.


Design trends are what keeps the web design industry alive. As design continues to evolve, so does the norms. Nevertheless, trying out new designs can significantly improve a website and help the brand find a unique voice.

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